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Nov 09, 18   simplyk   Comments Off on New King and I video

Can't wait for KISS ME, KATE? Watch Kelli O'Hara hit the studio to perform "So in Love." For tickets & info: bit.ly/rtcKissMeKate Slået op af Roundabout Theatre Company i Onsdag den 7. november 2018

Nov 09, 18   simplyk   Comments Off on Exclusive Music Video! Watch Kelli O’Hara Sing ‘So in Love’ from KISS ME, KATE

The first episode of Front Row features a chat with Kelli O’Hara about Kiss Me, Kate, a look back Footloose with Jeremy Kushnier and Jennifer Laura Thompson and a dig into the history that inspired Steven Levenson’s Days of Rage. https://www.broadway.com/videos/158960/front-row-kelli-ohara-days-of-rage-a-footloose-reunion/?page=1&sort=newest#play

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Elle Fanning and Justice Smith will star in “All The Bright Places,” adapted from the bestselling novel by Jennifer Niven. @AlexShipppp @KeeganMKey @kelliohara and Luke Wilson co-star in the powerful drama. pic.twitter.com/nm1unqbIPx — See What’s Next (@seewhatsnext) October 4, 2018

Oct 05, 18   simplyk   Comments Off on New movie role for Kelli!
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The Broadway star wraps up in The King and I this week Bartlett Sher’s production of The King and I concludes its West End run this week, and Tony Award-winning star of the show Kelli O’Hara reflected on her time appearing as Anna in the musical as well as what the future holds. Talking at the Stage Debut Awards, […]

Oct 02, 18   simplyk   Comments Off on Kelli O’Hara on performing in the West End: ‘I’m sure I’ll be back’
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Oct 02, 18   simplyk   Comments Off on Reception & Rally for Drew Edmondson featuring Kelli O’Hara
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Sep 19, 18   simplyk   Comments Off on Take a look of the filming of The King and I
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A behind the scenes look at The King and I  Set in 1860’s Siam, The King and Itells the story of an unconventional relationship between East and West. Centering around the relationship of King Mongkut and Anna Leonowens, a newly-hired governess to look after the King’s children, the pair have to deal with their many differences. These differences create a […]

Sep 17, 18   simplyk   Comments Off on Getting to know you: A look at The King and I’s costumes
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Our wonderful @KellioHara has been nominated for The Joe Allen Best West End Debut award with @TheStage Debut Awards- vote for her glorious performance here https://t.co/qWJ7Q8bS1c #KingandIWestEnd pic.twitter.com/zE4h1yChLm — The King and I (@KingandIWestEnd) September 10, 2018

Sep 10, 18   simplyk   Comments Off on Vote for Kelli!!
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我々の王様、渡辺謙さん( @harryken311 ) と@kelliohara 、そして我々@KingandIWestEnd の日本人キャストから、日本の皆様方へメッセージです。 #王様と私 #ロンドン より愛を込めて ❤️ #頑張れ #日本 ❣️ https://t.co/jcCj6lr5L1 — Naoko Mori 森尚子 (@naoko_mori) September 10, 2018

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